[New to KreziCart] Why can't I place my order during checkout?

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There could be a few reasons why you might not be able to place your order during checkout:


1. Your account has been limited

Accounts may be limited if they are suspected to have violated KreziCart's terms and conditions, which can affect a user’s ability to make purchases. Learn more about account limitation


2. Shipping options are not available

If there are no available shipping options, you will not be able to place an order.

3. Chosen payment method failed

If your selected payment method did not work, your order will not be placed successfully. You may try using another payment method available to make the purchase.


4. Different shipping options offered for each product (if purchasing multiple products)

If the shipping options for the products are set differently, you would not be able to checkout the products in the same order.


5. Exceed product limit (if purchasing multiple products)

You can only checkout a maximum of 40 different products per order. Sellers may also set a purchase limit for the quantity that each buyer can purchase per order. 

If the issue you face persists, kindly contact open a ticket for assistance.


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